Top Albums of 2017

Top Albums of 2017


I am sure that many people would agree that 2017 was just one of the shittiest years on record. Saying the year stank like a gas station bathroom would be a compliment compared to how I feel. Musicians and artists everywhere, as it often happens, responded with another great year of amazing artistic output. Hopefully this list, which has been in the works for about 2 months, will reflect some of the wonderful music that was made this year.

Although it is not my favourite album of the year, Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. sums up 2017 for me. Kendrick had just come off To Pimp A Butterfly, a masterpiece that graced the top of many charts in 2015. With the aid of jazz musicians like Robert Glasper and Thundercat, Kendrick effortlessly brought jazz back into the hip-hop mainstream, simply by using jazz musicians who had previously been bringing hip-hop over to jazz. It honestly felt like Kendrick could just keep going this direction for the rest of his career and he’d achieve Bjork status (a critically acclaimed artist endeavour every time!). However, what we were given was something much different…. an album that actually had many people thinking that Kendrick was falling. That wasn’t the case, but the latest album did take some time to get used to. All Kendrick did was spit fire… line after line… because that was what was needed in 2017. No frills. No subtly. PURE FIRE. It’s this urgency that i think defined much of the music of 2017. This is the same urgency that fuelled activists and people to stand up to bullies; whether it be Donald Trump or Harvey Weinstein. So open your ears and discover some new music!!!

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So without further ado, here is my TOP 50 ALBUMS OF 2017!

 ArtistAlbum LabelSuggested Song
PMQsH5pj50. LuwtenLuwtenSilence Du Monde ‎DIfference
a3097566889_1049. Melanie De BiasioLilies[PIAS] Le LabelAfro Blue
a3866174488_1048. Nate SmithKinfolk: Postcards From EverywhereKemosabe Records,Skip Step
a0486243729_1047. DinnerNew WorkCaptured TracksGet Real
9ed94a9446. Perfume GeniusNo ShapeMatadorSlip Away
Daylight-Ghosts45. Craig TaibornDaylight GhostsECM RecordsNew Glory
download-444. St VincentMasseducationLoma Music Sugarboy
download-643. SomiPetite AfriqueOkehBlack Enough
a2628204520_1042. Japanese BreakfastSoft Sounds From Another PlanetDead OceansDriving Woman
download-541. The ButtertonesGravediggingInnovative LeisureMatador
5270833040. KeshaRainbowKemosabe Records,Praying
4e59f2ec39. ThundercatDrunkBrainfeederCaptain Stupido
a0032157402_1038. Sudan ArchivesSudan ArchivesStones Throw RecordsOatmeal
the-magnetic-fields-50-song-memoir-45037. The Magnetic Fields50 Song MemoirNonesuch'68: A Cat Called Dionysus
download-336. Offa RexQueen Of HeartsNonesuchThe Queen of Hearts
download-235. The Comet Is ComingChannel The SpiritsLeafJourney Through the Asteroid Belt
a3054679805_1034. The NecksUnfoldIdeologic OrganOverhear
Bedouine-Album-Cover-3000x3000-1024x102433. BedouineBedouineSpacebomb RecordsBack to You
16583532. SevdalizaISONTwisted EleganceShahmaran
16442731. Joan Shelley Joan ShelleyNo QuarterI Got What I wanted
a2202215454_1030. Yazz AhmedLa SaboteuseNaim JazzJamil Jamal
a3267908091_1029. PardonerUncontrollable SalvationFather/Daughter RecordsHint
a1758252249_1028. Pierre KwendersMAKANDA At The End of Space, The Beginning Of TimeBonsound RecordsBittersweet Mornings (feat. Fly Guy Dai)
12inchJacket_offset27. Rose CousinsNatural ConclusionOutside MusicChains
a3482857760_1026. Sharon Jones & The Dap KingsSoul Of A WomanDaptone RecordsMatter of Time
download-125. ProtomartyrRelatives In Descent DominoWindsor Hum
a4112826184_1024. SinkaneLife & Livin' ItCity SlangPassenger
a1045883901_1023. MoonchildVoyagerTru ThoughtsDoors Closing
The-JuJu-Exchange-Shin-Maeng-billboard-embed22. The Juju ExchangeExchangeVinyl Me, PleaseThe Lane
a3729191578_1021. PartnerIn Search Of Lost TimeYou've Changed RecordsAmbassador to Ecstasy
a2051268812_1020. The Du-RitesGreasy ListeningRedefinition RecordsLife is a Chitlin Circuit
a0536964384_1619. DreamdecayIron Lung RecordsNo Answer
a2803949314_1018. Brooklyn Raga MassiveTerry Riley In CCells 49-53 (Jhalla)
1200x630bb17. SZACtrlTop Dawg EntertainmentGo Gina
a1581164337_1016. Floating PointsReflections - Mojave DesertPlutoKelso Dunes
61c8c7d4dd777c786a13e47c6a959fdd.1000x1000x115. RapsodyLaila's WisdomDef Jam RecordingsChrome (Like Ooh)
a4276262224_1014. Jaimie BranchFly Or DieInternational Anthem Recording CompanyTheme 001
download13. LødFolderPart Time RecordsSå Blå
gainsbourg rest12. Charlotte GainsbourgRestBecause MusicLes Crocodiles
14b615ad2e63041feea5e12bdb1f8729.1000x1000x111. SamphaProcessYoung TurksBlood on Me
a3164574832_1010. Phoebe BridgersStranger In The AlpsDead OceansFuneral
a1786310372_109. Hurray For The Riff RaffThe NavigatorATO RecordsRican Beach
rhiannon-giddens-freedom-highway8. Rhiannon GiddensFreedom HighwayNonesuchBirmingham Sunday
kendrick-lamar-damn-front-cover7. Kendrick LamarDAMN.Top Dawg EntertainmentDNA.
a0724608212_106. The Como MamasMove UpstairsDaptone RecordsOut of the Wilderness
a1459777469_105. Juana MolinaHaloCrammed DiscsEstalacticas
a2407722353_104. SoulwaxFrom DeeweePlay It Again SamIs It Always Binary
a0763917463_103. Moses SumneyAromanticismJagjaguwarLonely World
James_Holden_-_The_Animal_Spirits2. James Holden & The Animal SpiritsThe Animal SpiritsBorder CommunityThunder Moon Gethering
a2540405666_101. Jane WeaverModern KosmologyFire RecordsH>A>K

Top 20 Compilations/Reissues of 2017

When you collect records you will regularly say “I wishhhh I had that on vinyl”. It’s become important for me to recognize older music that was released in a new way this year; whether it be through a compilation, reissue or just a new format of hearing things. I’m a huge fan of reissues and compilations because they often focus on music that had previously been overlooked. Just look at the top 3 records in this category and you will notice they span the globe; from Brazil, to England, to Somolia.  So be sure to check some of these out, you won’t be disappointed.

 Artist/AlbumLabelSuggested Song
426012606118720. Bro. Valentino ‎– Stay Up ZimbabweAnalog AfricaStay Up Zimbabwe
download-319. Space, Energy & Light: Experimental Electronic And Acoustic Soundscapes 1961-88Soul Jazz RecordsJ.B. Banfi - Gang (For The Rock Industry)
LBOP087cover-1-600x60018. Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda ‎– The Ecstatic Music Of Alice Coltrane TuriyasangitanandaLuaka BopOm Shanti
a2568768212_1017. Midori Takada ‎– Through The Looking Glass We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream
0008972272_1016. Ahmed Malek & Flako ‎– The Electronic TapesHabibi FunkTape 9 (part 1)
FKR089LP-600x60015. Gerardo Iacoucci -Le AvventureFinders Keepers RecordsViolenza
download-214. Follow The SunAnthology RecordingsMata Hari - Easy
a0325555163_513. Pop Makossa - The Invasive Dance Beat Of Cameroon 1976​-​1984Analog AfricaMystic Djim & The Spirits - Yaoundé Girls
download-112. Sing It High, Sing It Low: Tumbleweed Records 1971-1973Light In The AtticArthur Gee Whizz Band - Sunday Sherry
R-10175283-1492885797-7537.jpeg11. Honeybeat: Groovy 60s Girl-PopReal Gone MusicThe Glories - No News
71+Q1EY5qJL._SL1200_10. Girls With Guitars Take Over!Ace RecordsKaren Verros You Just Gotta Know My Mind
a1621682748_109. Al Massrieen - Modern MusicHabibi FunkEbda' Men Gedid
R-10506228-1498848626-1986.jpeg8. Too Slow To Disco 3How Do You Are?Jeremy Spencer Band -
Cool Breeze
beat17. Marylebone Beat Girls 1964-1967Ace RecordsHelen Shapiro - Stop And You Will Become Aware
101 Strings - Astro-Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000 (1968)6. 101 Strings ‎– Astro-Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000 Modern HarmonicFlameout
JackieShane_AnyOtherWay_AlbumArt5. Jackie Shane - Any Other WayNumero GroupAny Other Way
SunRaExotica4. Sun Ra - ExoticaModern HarmonicThe Nile, Part 1
R-10720809-1512652799-6941.jpeg3. Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes From The Horn Of AfricaOstinato Records4 Mars - Na Daadihi (Guide Us)
download2. Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present English Weather Ace RecordsSpring - The Prisoner (Eight By Ten)
R-9621899-1483791899-9670.jpeg1. Outro Tempo (Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978-1992)Music From MemoryOs Mulheres Negras -


To quote one of my all time favourite drummers… Mr Ringo Starr…
‘Peace and Love’ in 2018,

Dr Dan

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