Playlist #15 – Best of 2016 Part 1

Playlist #15 – Best of 2016 Part 1

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Dr Dan made a list,
He checked it way more than twice,
Gonna find out who’s commonplace or just right,
Dr Dan’s Albums of 2016 are coming… Right Now!

The end of the year playlists are what get me through beginning of winter. It’s both exciting and stressful to come up with your favourites and this year is no exception. What originally started out as a Top 15 list has turned into a list which includes Top 50 Albums + Top 5 EP’s + Top 5 Reiussue’s/Compilations. It was much easier to expand than pigeonhole myself. Most of the tracks were recorded directly from vinyl except for the few that aren’t actually available on the format (I feel so dirty!). This playlist, Part 1, includes my top 3 EP’s of 2016 and some other gems of 2016. The next playlist, Part 2, will be the official countdown of my top 20 favourite artists of 2016. Enjoy!


Set 1
1. Seratones – Chokin’ On Your Spit
2. Fresh Snow – January Skies
3. Taylor Payne – The Jungle Talks
4. Anohni – Execution
5. Oddisee – Stength & Weakness
6. DIIV – Mire (Graham’s Song)


Set 2
1. J-Zone – Sick Of Rap
2. Dinner – Gone
3. Adrian Teacher & The Subs
4. Imharhan – Assossanagh
5. Gallant – Shotgun
6. The Coathangers – Watch Your Back

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