Playlist #27 – Come Round By My Side: Songs of 2017

Playlist #27 – Come Round By My Side: Songs of 2017

‘Twas the night before Solstice, when all thro’ Dr Dan ‘s mind,
Trying to figure out which album of 2017 was most fine,
As many albums as possible, listened to with care
In hopes that his listeners might hear something rare,
The listeners nestled in, with hot coca in their hands,
To hear songs by potential new favourite bands,
While visions of funky musicians danc’d in their heads,
Dr Dan here, once again, to make sure you are not misled

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. year end review time! Normally, Dr Dan sequentially counts down his favourite albums but decided to try something different this year. This playlist Is made up of songs released in 2017, both new songs and re-releases (compilations/re-issues), in no specific order. So enjoy the last moment of Dr Dan’s terrible twos…. NotSoKWYET turns three years old when the clock strikes 12 on New Years!

Happy Holidays
– Dr Dan

Please Note: If you are listening in sections, click the above playlist to link to my MixCloud page where you will have the option to fast forward.

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