My story begins the same as many other white upper middleclass kids…being put in piano lessons out of spite by your parents because your sister quit unexpectedly.  I was the 6 year old kid with a tinker toy band called Poison, who spent his time dancing to Son of Gun by Nirvana.  Hearing my father play The Who – Live at Leeds kicked off my obsession with wanting to play drums.  That dream was realized in highschool and continued on through university with my minor in music.  School was where I learned to play gigs to 3am and get up for 8:30am classes (or not get up). The combination of my bandmates, my drum teacher Jesse, and playing music regularly helped exposed me to a wide variety of music.  Since then I am always trying to challenge myself to grow and discover new music.  Although my job as a Food Scientist prohibits the schedule of being a working musician, I have managed to see many concerts, record albums, play shows and connect with numerous musicians.  I have played in orchestras, folk groups, punk bands, jazz quartets, improvised collectives and more.  Currently my obsession is record collecting, particularly 60’s girl groups, jazz, punk, and psychedelic music from around the world.

I know you’ve gotten this far and are still wondering why Dr. Dan?

Spoiler Alert… I’m not a Doctor.  Although I did watch enough Scrubs in 1st year university that, for about a week, I was pretty sure I was going to be one.  One of my summer jobs was at a local radio station where I produced a sports show.  I was given the name Dr. Dan because I solved the technical issues of the shows, which, to be honest, were caused by me.

Music is my TV.

Music powers my brain.

I’ve had the bug all my life.



Buying a nice stereo was always my post-school dream purchase.  As a result of that purchase, I have become an avid record collector….well, too avid of a record collector.  Hopefully this blog offers some fake justification of all the money spent thus far.  After several false starts with music blog ideas, I finally decided that sharing my record collection and discovery of music was worth a try.  The purpose of the site is not to show-off whatever music knowledge I already have, but rather to coincide with my own adventures in music discovery.   I hope to introduce listeners to new music with regular playlists created direct from my vinyl collection and express my opinions through the Discover Music portion of the website.

P.S. KWYET was lovingly borrowed from the wonderful 7″ EP Kwyet Kinks


Dr. Dan